Proud Recipients

Proud Recipients 

Each year GSDF awards students a variety of scholarships based on the required criteria. Our students use these funds to support their next steps and confidently live their dreams. View all of our proud recipients over the many years below.

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September 22nd, 2022

The Kathleen Roberts Scholarship: Alexa Dunn

The Brian Simkovitch Scholarship: McKenzie Miller

The Bev Miller Scholarship: Amber Bowen

The Siemens STEM Scholarship: Quinton Kooken

Girard School District Foundation Ambassador Scholarship: Marah Zitalone and Quinton Kooken

Award for Outstanding Character and Integrity: Sara Adamaszek

Elk Valley Garden Club Scholarship: Katherine Snyder

Mina George: Ryan Metzler

Girard-Lake City Chamber of Commerce: Alexis Dudas

Lee Ann Griffiths Memorial Scholarship: Devin Nelson

Class of 1965: Celeste Makay

Class of 1966: Amber Bowen, Kara Dobson, Nicholas Fails, Paige Luciano, and Celeste Makay

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