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  • The Foundation Board plans to award educational grants twice a year, pending available funds. The grant must be implemented within one year of being received. Interim reports for fall and spring grants are due May 1st and December 1st respectively. Final reports for fall and spring grants are due the following December 1st and May 1st respectively.
  • Any faculty/staff member, or group of faculty/staff members, may submit a grant proposal.
  • Proposals may include, but are not limited to, funding for supplies, materials, field trips, guest speakers, and consultants. Knowing the District is a recipient of various other grants providing funding for many educational activities, the Foundation is partnering with the District in its initiative towards STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Grants focusing on this initiative will be prioritized, allowing for both specific curricular and cross-curricular activities.
  • All grant proposals will be reviewed by each building’s school principal and the superintendent for compatibility with the state academic standards, school district curriculum, department goals, program, or related school events. All applications will be forwarded to the Girard School District Foundation, but only qualifying proposals will be considered for funding.
  • Please be very specific AND realistic in your requests. The GSD Foundation review committee will look at each grant individually and base the award(s) on the criteria listed below.
    • How many students will be serviced per academic year?
    • What is the direct benefit to students’ education?
    • Is the proposed project dynamic, creative and innovative?
    • Is the project an extension of the normal classroom curriculum?
  • Applications are to be neatly handwritten or typed, signed by all applicants, necessary attachments stapled behind the application form, and submitted to your building principal by 9:00 AM on the application due date. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the GSD Foundation Allocation Teacher/Staff Grant committee.
  • Non-funded applications may be edited and resubmitted.

Application Process:

Submit proposals to your building principal using the Girard School District Foundation grant application form by the first Wednesday of the month of October and/or February for fall and spring grants respectively. Awards must be implemented within one year of acceptance notification.

Implementation guidelines for approved grants:

  • Teachers/staff receiving awards must order all materials on district requisition forms, using assigned budget numbers, within 30 days of notification. Completed forms, with a copy of the approved supply list, must be submitted to the building principal. Any fundamental changes in approved materials must be approved by the Foundation.
  • All items purchased, any materials developed, and the project itself shall become the property of the Girard School District Foundation.
  • All participants are required to submit a one-page typed progress report and a one-page summary report, which describes how student learning has been enhanced, with recommendations for possible future use of these ideas at the conclusion of the project. A minimum of 10 electronic pictures must be submitted with the final report.
  • Teachers/staff receiving awards will be required to give credit to the Girard School District Foundation in all correspondence and/or media coverage.