Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients

The Girard School District Foundation awards several innovative grants each year. The grants are designed to encourage faculty to develop and implement projects which will enhance and enrich educational programs and be a direct benefit to our students. To date, fifty-one (51) innovation grants totaling $70,451.99 have been awarded to teachers and faculty in the Girard School District.

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December 11th, 2022

To date, the Girard School District Foundation has awarded three innovative grants in 2022-2023. The grants are designed to encourage faculty to develop and implement projects which will enhance and enrich educational programs and be a direct benefit to our students.

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff:


PA Business Week, Ms. Antonella Spinelli (GHS)

PA Business week was piloted in 2019 and is now offered annually. The entire junior class participates in this week-long, in-school program where they learn about the American Economic system. Teams of students run their own companies through a computer simulation for the equivalent of 12 business quarters. Guided by local business and education advisors, they make all management decisions dealing with product pricing, investing, marketing and production, research and development, and human resources. Simulating real-world business decision-making teaches students leadership, teamwork, time management, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and people skills.

Yearbook Cameras, Ms. Heather Pier (GHS)

The GSD Foundation was happy to fund the purchase of 2 new Nikon digital single-lens reflex cameras with memory cards for the GHS Yearbook student staff.  The students have been working with decade-old cameras which are starting to break down.  Repairs are becoming increasingly difficult or nonexistent.  This purchase will provide student photographers access to quality equipment.  The cameras will also be used to provide photographs for display purposes district-wide and for various booster organizations. 

Graphing Calculators, Ms. Cindy Nelson (GHS)

The purchase of 10 graphing calculators will allow GHS special education students to become familiar with the devices before taking Keystone exams. Access to the technology will aid in the increase of student efficiency and the reduction of anxiety. Students will engage in a higher order of thinking, connect between different representations, and develop a deeper understanding of principles and procedures. These experiences will allow students to perform at their best in district, state, and national math and science assessments. 

RAMS News Crew, Mrs. Lori Buren (RAMS)

Student announcements will be delivered in news broadcast style thanks to the RAMS News Crew grant.  The professional grade equipment purchased will enable students to produce a newscast show using OSB software to add effects such as green screening and adding pictures.  News Crew members will learn broadcasting and streaming skills that can carry to a wide range of careers.  

Grade-Level Readiness Kits, Ms. Tammy Radar (EVES)

School may be on break over the summer, but the learning doesn't have to stop!  The Foundation was happy to fund Grade-Level Readiness kits for about 700 current and incoming EVES students to increase access to expanded academic learning over the summer months.  Kits contain a summer work packet and supplies necessary for completion and are specially designed to prepare for the upcoming grade-level.  Students who complete the work packet receive prizes throughout the next school year!  

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