Congratulations to the following faculty and staff:


VEX Robotics Initiative, Mr. John Bochicchio (GHS)

The VEX Robotics Initiative exposes GHS students to robotics, computer programing, engineering, Artificial Intelligence, ethics, business and hands-on applications of math, science, electronics and circuit building. The students build robots for, and participate in, regional competitions. Student involvement in these competitions allows the students to experience why soft skills, such as working in teams and presenting professional presentations, are also important. In addition to the competitions, the VEX Robotic kits will be used in the STEM lab and in courses, such as Emerging Technologies and Introduction to Engineering. In addition, the students are introduced to high paying tech jobs, hopefully making them more employable upon graduation.

3rd & 4th Grade Virtual Book Club, Ms. Tammy Radar (EVES)

Over 70 students met online weekly to participate in the 3rd & 4th Grade Virtual Book Club. Half-hour reading periods were followed by group discussion sessions. Participants then had the option to complete a final STEM project creating their very own fortress, 12 of which were brought in to be displayed at EVES. This project directly aligned with the students’ education. Participants logged into a Zoom session from home and actively engaged with the story and reading comprehension. The club connected their thinking to reading a book, taught how to use their creativity and imagination to construct an art/STEM project based off of what they read, and encouraged them to use basic materials they could find at home. Once the virtual book club concluded, students’ received certificates of participation, perfect attendance certificates, and, with the grant provided, were presented with the second book in the series.