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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I volunteer to join the Board or help on a Board Committee?
We are annually looking to bring in new perspectives to Board Membership and more often, almost monthly, to support a variety of board committee efforts! Please contact (email) the respective Committee Chair for the area in which you're interested in volunteering or to the Board President if you're interested in future Board consideration.


Who is eligible to apply to scholarships?
Seniors eligible to graduate can browse available scholarships' criteria to consider how each offering aligns to his/ her career goals and complete application. Instructions for submitting application(s) are included within the Scholarships page on this site


Who can apply to GSDF Grants and when?
Girard School District Faculty and Staff members are welcomed to be creative and develop grant applications that will enhance and enrich the district's various school's educational programs and that which will benefit students.  New in 2022, grants can be submitted at any time during the school year by following the process shown under the Teacher & Staff Grants page on this site.

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Your generous gifts will change our students for the better. Not only will funds go towards educational materials and supplies, but they will also be given directly to the students through scholarships.