Rebecca Vogt retired from active duty in 2014 as a Master Sergeant after serving in a variety of leadership positions over a span of 20 years with the United States Air Force. She continues to serve our Veterans as a Health System Specialist at the Erie VA Medical Center where she provides advisement on policy, planning, organization, management, administration, and technical matters. She is also a member of the Elk Creek Recreation and Leisure Board. Ms. Vogt is married and has two children in the Girard School District.

Voting Members
Mary Kay Borkowski, President
Patrick Miller, Vice-President
Chris Yuhas, Treasurer
Jennifer Bach, Secretary
Joe Legnasky, GSD Board Member
Bettie Stephens
John Tramontano
Betsy Korb
Jeanne Miller
Kristen Pratt
Kristen Blucas
Rebecca Vogt