Congratulations to the following faculty and staff:


Fall 2017

Introduction to Engineering, Paul Baltzer (GHS)

The GSD Foundation provided funds to procure start-up materials for the “Introduction to Engineering” course which is offered to interested 11th – 12th grade students at Girard High School. This course teaches students about the many types of engineering, in addition to the educational requirements, working conditions and benefits of engineers. Engineering problem-solving models are presented and applied through the use of current industry technologies.

The grant enabled the Tech Ed educator to purchase materials and supplies necessary to provide the students with hands-on experience in 3D printing, mechanical drawing and CAD design, solid state electronic components, and drone/robotic technologies. The teacher is now able to provide the necessary modes of instruction to allow for a sound depth of knowledge, application and exposure to the many facets of the field of engineering. The funds will help sustain the course’s use of reusable and consumable materials, while current and future students learn to solve technological problems during the engineering design process.

Family Literacy Night, Paula Kochera (EVES)

GSD Foundation is proud to provide funding for the continuation of Family Literacy Night at Elk Valley Elementary School. For the past two years, this program has been building connections between the school and families within the Girard community while supporting student learning goals through play. Families are invited to Elk Valley Elementary in the evenings for two-hour, grade-specific literacy nights, which are offered five times throughout the school year. Teachers prepare several self-directed stations to engage families in literacy games and activities. Families are invited to select activities while teachers circulate and interact with them, with refreshments offered at the end of the evening. This year, the teachers are adding a group activity and a book walk to each evening event.

Family engagement in schools has been shown in various research studies to have many positive benefits for the students, parents, teachers, and community. The teachers of Elk Valley support the Girard School District viewpoint that education is a shared responsibility amongst students, educators, parents and community. Family Literacy Nights are a fun and effective way to promote increased literacy of Girard children as they interact with the many caring adults in their lives.